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Swansboro Mayor John Davis Recognizes Service Members' Sacrifices During Military Appreciation Day

Mayor John Davis gives a speech during Military Appreciation Day in Swansboro, N.C., June 1. 2019. Swansboro's Military Appreciation Day has been celebrated annually since 2002. The even is hosted by Hammocks Beach State Park representatives and the Swansboro Chamber of Commerce's Military Affairs Committee. Several Marines from II MEF and Camp Lejeune were also presented at the event and displayed various pieces of military equipment. (

Funeral Detail Marines take pride in sacred duties

The U.S. Marine Corps Master Sgt. Paul Woyshner-originated motto “Once a Marine, always a Marine” brings pride and honor to every individual who has earned their Eagle, Globe and Anchor. The spirit of this is embraced by every Marine who performs Military Funeral Honors (MFH) for all Marines laid to rest.

  • icon Posted: July 10

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The "Marine way" produces world-class tactical athletes through sacrifice

A few weeks ago my older brother, who is a critical care paramedic, sent me a video of a college baseball coach’s emotion-filled postgame press conference following his team’s season-ending loss in a Super Regional. The year was 2017, but the coach’s message remains true today.

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14-year old Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune resident uses fire safety knowledge during house fire

July 1st started out as any other day for 14 year old Hannah Arce. The rising freshman at Lejeune High School was enjoying another summer morning snugly in her bed. Her mother, Kathrin Arce, had an early morning vet appointment with the family cat and was already gone.

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