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Marine and Family Programs Division

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Posted: Thursday, June 19, 2014 6:42 pm

The Marine and Family Programs Division of MCCS, Camp Lejeune provides four major programs that offer a wide variety of services designed to strengthen our military community. The Division consists of the following branches: Family Readiness, Family Care, Personal & Professional Development, and Behavioral Health. Programs are designed first and foremost to enhance mission, individual/family readiness, resilience, and retention. Whether you’ve just arrived to your new duty station and are in need of a brush up on your role in a military family, or are transitioning out of the Corps, the professionals of the Marine and Family Programs’ Division are there to assist.  Engaging, enlightening programs are offered spanning everything from: parenting classes to childcare, anonymous counseling to deployment support, stress management to alcohol awareness and prevention, financial management to education counseling, and even marriage enrichment workshops. The Marine & Family Programs Division provides the assistance that supports the diverse interests and unique needs of our military community. For more information, visit or call 451-9381.

  • Marine Corps Family Team Building 451-0176
  • Lifestyles Insight Networking Knowledge Skills (L.I.N.K.S.) 451-1299
  • Chaplains Religious Education Development and Operation (C.R.E.D.O.) 450-1668
  • Children Youth & Teen Programs 910-450-0553/0554/0555
  • K-12 School Liaison Program 910-449-9915
  • Exceptional Family Member Program 451-4394
  • Career Assistance 451-3212 or 449-9704
  • Education Assistance 451-3091
  • Camp Lejeune Libraries 451-5724
  • Resources, Information & Referral  449-9704
  • Community Counseling Center & Family Advocacy Program 451-2864
  • Resilience Education 451-2865
  • New Parent Support Program 449-9501
  • Sexual Assault Prevention & Response 450-5159    24/7 Sexual Assault Helpline 910-750-5852 
  • FOCUS Project –Families Overcoming Under Stress 450-5635
  • Military & Family Life Consulers 910-546-1114 or 910-478-5039