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Recreation, theaters & community centers

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Posted: Thursday, June 19, 2014 6:43 pm

Community centers

The MCCS Tarawa Terrace Center and Midway Park Community Center offer special classes in a variety of activities and serve as a gathering area for their respective communities. Please call the centers for more information – the Midway Park Community Center can be reached at 451-1807; the Tarawa Terrace Community Center phone number is 450-1687.


Both the Camp Lejeune Base Theater and Midway Park Theater offer a variety of recently released movies and private party packages, plus occasional FREE screenings.

The Camp Lejeune Base Theater is located in Bldg 19 on McHugh Boulevard; Midway Park Theater is located in Bldg. 4014A in Midway Park. Call 449-9344 for current showings and information or visit

New River Air Station Movie Theater information line is 449-6292.

Single Marine Program

The Single Marine Program (SMP) serves as the voice for single, unaccompanied Marines and any other single active duty service member in identifying quality of life concerns, developing initiatives to address those concerns, and providing recommendations through advocacy, recreational trips and activities, special events, and community involvement. They accomplish this through monthly council meetings comprised of unit representatives in six geographical areas of Camp Lejeune. In each of these areas, the SMP runs Recreation Centers, catering primarily to Marines who live at Camp Lejeune. These “homes-away-from-home” are equipped with the latest in recreation activities including video games, movies, large-screen TVs, computers, free Wi-Fi, and planned special events. The Centers provide a comfortable setting for leisure time activities and relaxation. Each Center contains a snack bar featuring a variety of foods and beverages for the convenience of the patrons. 

Additionally, the SMP functions as the administrator for Camp Lejeune’s volunteer program.  The SMP staff matches those wanting to volunteer with non-profit organizations and special events, keeps track of volunteer hours, and ensures that those hours are formally recognized in military members’ official records. The Camp Lejeune SMP HQ is located in Bldg 564 on M Street. This office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and closed weekends and holidays. Call (910) 451-4642 for more information.

The Recreation Centers are located at:

  • Camp Geiger, G-560: 449-2207/0105
  • Central Area, Bldg 62:  451-1942
  • Courthouse Bay, Bldg BB-27:  440-7462
  • French Creek, Bldg FC-330: 451-1446
  • Camp Johnson, Bldg M-424: 450-1058
  • Stone Bay (Maggie’s Drawers), Bldg RR-49: 440-2020