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A moving piece for the Washington Nationals, Bryce Harper on the trade block

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Posted: Tuesday, July 31, 2018 9:46 am

The Major League Baseball trade deadline is rapidly approaching and there are names being tossed around left and right.  The trade deadline can be the final push that a team needs to have a shot at being a contender and not a pretender.  The Washington Nationals are one of those teams, and they need to decide on Bryce Harper coming up today. This decision could be something that changes their season.  The subject swirling around the league right now is what to do with Bryce Harper? The tough question is if they do keep him, do they still have a shot at making the playoffs? The Nationals sit 5.5 games out of first place in the National League East Division behind the first place Philadelphia Phillies.

Dealing Harper to another team would certainly free up a budget if they got rid of him. These contracts that professional baseball players have are costly.  If the team doesn’t think they have a shot with having playoff baseball this year, they need to cut their losses. They should get some younger talent and trade away Harper. This way they are saving money and rebuilding for the future. After all, the younger players brings success to a ball club. It’s really going to come down to a decision what management wants to do here and it could really go either way at this point.

Another reason that Harper is better off traded away is because of the tension he produces on the field. Last May, Harper got into a scuffle with San Francisco Giants’ pitcher Hunter Strickland.  It was a pure display of lack of professionalism. I know Harper lost his cool after being drilled with a 98-mph fastball. However, there are kids watching who look up to these guys. They can’t be physically harming one another on the field. This isn’t the first time Harper losing his temper in a baseball uniform. In 2015, he got into a physical argument with his one teammate in the dugout with former Nationals closer Jonathan Papelbon after their team took a loss.  This history of physical violence displayed by Harper is another reason he is on the trade block.  

The Washington Nationals need to consider that Harper can do more justice for other teams other than their own. With the questionable shot of making the playoffs, Harper can help a team that could really use him. As reported by ESPN.com, the Cleveland Indians, Colorado Rockies and the Houston Astros are three potential buyers for Harper with a need for help in the outfield.  These are all teams that could make good use of him. Look at the Colorado Rockies, they are only a game out of first place and the Houston Astros only have a three game lead over the Seattle Mariners. Now, the Cleveland Indians do have a comfortable eight game lead over the Minnesota Twins, but more help is always a positive.

Harper really is doing more hurting then helping honestly. According to ESPN.com, Harper since mid-April holds a .203 batting average.  Between the tensions he adds to his team and lack of production, there are other teams who can use him more. The Washington Nationals are a smart team and need to deal Harper sending him to another destination.



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