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Tigers Woods back in action at The Open

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Posted: Thursday, July 19, 2018 1:11 pm

Tiger Woods is off to a great start in The Open being played at Carnoustie Championship Course in Carnoustie, Angus, Scotland. Woods hasn’t played in The Open since 2015.  It really has been a long time since Woods was his normal self.  As a child, I was a huge fan of Woods, he was my golf idol.  He would wear his Sunday reds and you knew he meant business. There was a fire and determination in his eyes when playing in major tournaments.  Woods was the best golfer in the Professional Golf Association in the past 15 years.

There is no doubting that Woods is getting up in age.  Age isn’t a restriction when playing recreationally with friends and family. The younger a player though is on tour, the more successful they are.  It really takes upper-body strength and power when driving the ball.  Woods still has it in him but it is going to take a lot of motivation for him to get back to his glory days, if that’s even possible. Dustin Johnson, Justin Thomas, Justin Rose, Brooks Koepka, Rickie Fowler are all golfers that are in the top of the golf rankings now. Woods isn’t playing to the standard of the top golfers.

A lot of the issues that Woods goes through honestly has to do with his mental state.  Any golfer regardless of skills, can’t hold success with their game if they aren’t mentally with it.  It is hard to bounce back in golf once thrown off by the slightest problem. The media have reported the issues in Woods life, hopefully he is past all of that.  There is a psychological damage that Woods must feel after his lack of success.  Look at every major tournament in the past few years, Woods name isn’t on the Sunday pairs. If Woods wants to return to his rare form, he needs to cut the mental tension from his game.  A major tournament would be a good start for a comeback.

Woods in the end needs to find himself again. He could take another break from action but that won’t really drop the problem. He really needs to find his success through practice and in-game play.  All of the mistakes and problems are in the past.   It is time to have the old Woods back tearing it up on the links.

As of today at noon, Woods got off to a very hot start to his opening round at The Open where he is two under par.  A quick start to the round is definitely what he needed but the really test will be if he can keep up his rhythm. A constant issue for him is that he starts out hot but the cold streak hits in the second and third round of a tournament.

The competition that Woods has is strong especially on a hard course like the one being play at The Open.  It wouldn’t surprise me though to see Woods sporting the Sunday reds this weekend seeking the title.  For more information, visit www.theopen.com/Leaderboard.

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