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Be prepared this hurricane season

By Pat Gruner Managing Editor | Posted: Wednesday, May 8, 2019 3:00 pm

The week of May 5 through 11 is designated Hurricane Preparedness Week by the National Weather Service. In a storm prone area such as Eastern North Carolina, keeping families safe during a major tropical system is something that should always be on one’s mind. The area’s proximity to the ocean, low elevation and various inlets and waterways are ideal for a USMC installation. Unfortunately, those same traits make it prone to severe storm conditions as well.

In 2018, Hurricane Florence caused an estimated $3.6 billion in damages to Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune. As of late March, nearly 19,480 homes in Onslow County are still in need of repair due to the storm. Amphibious assault vehicles took to flooded streets to rescue area citizens. Now, with hurricane season rapidly approaching service members on MCB Camp Lejeune and Marine Corps Air Station New River, as well as area citizens, are urged to take action to prepare for any potential coming storms.

An essential part of staying safe during an emergency situation is maintaining alerts and warnings from local authorities. Alert systems can now provide information directly through a cell phone or other mobile device. Organizations such as the American Red Cross in addition to local authorities such as the Onslow County Government and both MCB Camp Lejeune and MCAS New River maintain lines of communication through applications available for your phone.

Should residents plan to weather the storm, it is recommended to have a shelter plan. Residents of a home should remain indoors, away from windows during periods of strong wind and rain. An emergency kit and a week’s worth of food, water and other essentials are also recommended. In the event individuals need to seek shelter elsewhere, plan a safe route and know where local shelters are. Typical Shelters on Camp Lejeune Wallace Creek Fitness Center, Tarawa Terrace Elementary School and Brewster Middle School. Area shelters can be found on Onslow County’s emergency service website, displayed in the graphic below.

A tool available for those seeking more information on hurricane preparedness is The site offers information regarding further mass notification systems, smart shopping techniques to ensure you have enough non-perishables, activities to get kids on board with the idea of emergency situation readiness and elaborates on tried and true methods and techniques such as “Turn Around Don’t Drown.”

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