The Headquarters Manpower Management Enlisted Assignment Road Show is coming to Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune and Marine Corps Air Station New River Aug. 22 and 23, giving Marines of all ranks the unique opportunity to meet face to face with their monitors.

Marines of all ranks can attend to receive career advice, guidance and search for opportunities.

"It’s your career," said Sgt. Marcus Green, career planner with headquarters and support battalion. "A lot of Marines complain about being on Camp Lejeune or maybe they are unhappy with their unit that they are at. But this is their career, this is an opportunity for them to expand their horizons and possibly see other places as well as getting to know their monitors."

The road show will be a chance for Marines to talk one on one with counselors and monitors, affording them the opportunity to express their career goals and desires, said Green.

"Make sure you talk to your career counselors," said Green. "The specific MOS monitors are going to be there. If they are a combat camera guy or whatever and they are looking to go somewhere specifically, they can possibly bring that up to their monitor and if they have some openings, that’s a one on one opportunity to be able to see what is available for that Marine."

Marines will be able to talk to the monitors of their specific career field and provide an opportunity for Marines to connect and put face to name with the Marines who are responsible for assigning career moves and orders.

"Eventually you will get promoted, and you will need to speak with that monitor one on one again in the future," said Green. "It’s very important to build rapport with monitors. You want to be comfortable talking to them so the likelihood of you getting more of what you want could possibly happen if they have already met you."

The MMEA Road Show will be open to Marines of all enlisted ranks on Camp Lejeune and MCAS New River, for times and more information contact your career planner.

"It is really cool they are affording the Marines that opportunity, so go take advantage of it," said Green.