The Camp Lejeune Reception Center (CLRC) (Buildings 59 and 60, Molly Pitcher Road) which opened in April of 2003 was established as a “One Stop Shop” 50,000 square foot facility where all Military Personnel (Active and Reserve), Military Dependents, Military and Civil Service Retirees, Federal Civil Service employees and Non-Appropriated Fund employees go to efficiently accomplish any and all things related to arriving and departing Camp Lejeune in the execution of their respective duties. 

The CLRC houses sixteen agencies supported by 300 military and civilian personnel.  These agencies are: two sections from the Installation Personnel Administrative Center (Inbound and Outbound Sections), Personnel Offices for MCIEAST-MCB, II MEF, 2dMarDiv and 2dMLG, one of the East Coast’s largest Identification Card Center which serves Active Military, Reserve, Dependent, Civil Service employees, Retirees (Military and Civilian) Non appropriated Fund employees & Civilian Contractor Badge Issuance.  Additional tenants include; TRICARE Office, Prior Service and Transitional Recruiters, Retired Services Coordinator, Navy Liaison Representative, Marine for Life Representative, Marine Corps Community Services, Housing Offices, Marine Corps Association, Vehicle Registration, Traffic Court in addition to Military Berthing for transient military personnel and two state of the art classrooms which host’s  daily “New Join” briefs and inbound and outbound audits for all military personnel.  The CLRC served over 400,000 total customers in CY 2012.

Marine Corps Installations East-Marine Corps Base, II Marine Expeditionary Force, II Marine Expeditionary Force Headquarters Group, 2nd Marine Division and 2nd Marine Logistics Group

During normal working hours, both officers and enlisted personnel report to the CLRC receptionists in the CLRC, Building 59. The CLRC receptionists may be reached in person during normal working hours or by calling 451-8609/8628.  After normal working hours, Officers and Enlisted will report to the duty troop handlers in the CLRC, Building 59, Room 212 or call 451-2123 for orders endorsement.

Here are points of contact for the CLRC (all area codes are 910):

  • Director, CLRC: 451-2712
  • Receptionists, CLRC: 451-8609/8628
  • Building Manager, CLRC: 451-9275
  • CLRC SNCOIC: 451-5169
  • CLRC Troop Handlers: 451-2123
  • ID Card Center Senior Supervisor: 451-1068
  • ID Card Center Supervisor: 451-4451
  • ID/DEERS Office: 451-1005/2727
  • TRICARE: 877-874-2273
  • Retired Services Coordinator: 451-0287
  • 2nd MarDiv PC&AO: 451-8858
  • 2nd MLG PC&AO: 450-8460
  • IPAC Inbound OIC: 451-0321
  • IPAC Outbound OIC: 450-9603
  • Prior Service Recruiters: 450-9400
  • MCCS: 451-1055/1056
  • Navy Liaison Representative: 450-7124
  • Housing: 451-1026/7796
  • Traffic Court: 451-1951/5807
  • Vehicle Registration: 451-1158/3981
  • Marine Corps Association: 451-0487

Marine Corps Forces, Special Operations Command

All incoming Marines assigned to Marine Corps Forces, Marine Special Operations Command must report in person to the MARSOC Personnel Administration Center located on the first deck in Building 400 in the new MARSOC Headquarters building aboard Stone Bay.  Normal working hours are from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Personnel checking in after normal working hours must check in with the Command Duty Officer at the front counter located in the main lobby of Building 400.  The CDO can be reached at 440-0938.  The MARSOC HQ building is approximately one-half mile down on the right side of Rifle Range Road.

Marine Corps Combat Service Support Schools/Camp Johnson  

All permanent personnel (officer and enlisted) checking into Marine Corps Combat Service Support Schools during normal working hours (7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.) should report to the Personnel Administrative Center located in Camp Johnson Building M-130. After normal working hours and on weekends, reporting permanent personnel should report to the MCCSSS Area Officer of the Day (phone 450-1045) who is located in Building M131. The AOOD will provide lodging and ensure permanent personnel will be directed to check-in at the PAC on the next business day.

Entry-Level Students: Entry-level enlisted student personnel graduating from Marine Combat Training at School of Infantry-East (Camp Geiger) with orders to report to MCCSSS are delivered directly by government bus to MCCSSS Entry Level Receiving located in Camp Johnson Building M-132.

Entry-level enlisted student personnel graduating from MCT at School of Infantry-West (Camp Pendleton) with orders to report to MCCSSS are provided commercial air transportation to North Carolina, and are then bused to Camp Johnson where they report to ELR in Building M-132.  Entry level student personnel reporting to MCCSSS from CampPendleton who fail to make their air travel or bus connections should call the MCCSSS AOOD for instructions at 450-1045. 

Students who have been re-classed due to MOS school drops will follow ELR reporting instructions. However, Marines who laterally-moved into an MOS aboard Camp Johnson will follow permanent-personnel reporting instructions.

Reporting NCO students, SNCO students, and student officers should follow permanent personnel reporting instructions.

School of Infantry East, Camp Geiger

During normal working hours, Marines should report to the AdministrativeServiceCenter, Building G-644, located at the corner of C Street and 7th Streets, phone 449-0441. After normal working hours and on holidays, Marines should report to the Officer of the Day, located in the same building, phone 449-0179.

Installation Personnel Administration Center (IPAC)

The Installation Personnel Administration Center at Camp Lejeune is the largest consolidated personnel administrative center in the Marine Corps.  Located in Buildings  6, PP6G, (Bldgs. 59/60 CLRC), the IPAC is comprised of more than 400 Marine and civilian personnel supporting over 35,000 Marines, sailors, civilians, and family members. The normal working hours are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, which includes availability during the lunch hour.  There is also a 24-hour duty assigned in Building 6.

All incoming Marines assigned to II MEF Headquarters Group, 2d Marine Division, 2d Marine Logistics Group, and Marine Corps Installations East-Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune (to include tenant units) must check in at the Reception Center located in Building 59.  To locate building 59 and 60, make a right off of Holcomb Boulevard (main entrance) just past the Temporary Lodging Facility onto Molly Pitcher Drive.  The buildings are approximately half a mile down on the left and parking is on the right.  This is the Joins Branch of IPAC where all personnel will complete the join audit process, complete their travel vouchers, receive reporting endorsements to their orders, and complete mandated briefs before processing to their respective unit.  Group audits are conducted four times a day--8 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 2:30 p.m., and 4 p.m.  The 10:30 a.m. group audit is reserved for SNCOs and Officers.

All Marines who depart Camp Lejeune will process out through the Outbound Branch which is located on the 2nd floor of Building 60.  Whether personnel are in receipt of permanent change of station (PCS) orders, are separating at their end of active service (EAS), being administratively separated, or retiring, they will all process out of Bldg 60. 

The Director, Deputy Director, SNCOIC, Command Support Branch, Customer Service Branch, Deployment Branch, Unit Deployment Branch and the Quality Control Branch are all located in Building 6.  To locate Building 6, get on Holcomb Boulevard and drive to the traffic circle.  Take the first right turn at the traffic circle onto McHugh Boulevard then the next right onto Post Lane.  The building is located on the right-hand side of the street.  With the exception of the joining and outbound processes all personnel administrative support requirements are accomplished within Building 6 and are coordinated through the unit S-1 personnel.

Points of contact for the IPAC are:

  • Director, IPAC: 451-6221
  • Deputy Director, IPAC: 451-6216
  • SNCOIC: 451-6218
  • IPAC Duty: 451-6220
  • Inbound Branch OIC: 451-0321
  • Outbound Branch OIC: 450-9603
  • Command Support Branch OIC: 451-6229
  • Customer Service Branch OIC: 451-6246
  • Deployment Branch OIC: 451-6240
  • Quality Control Branch: 451-6230
  • Wounded Warrior Cell: 449-9855