On Dec. 5, the Camp Lejeune Base Traffic Court will open at a new location in the Joint Reception Center, Building 60 on Molly Pitcher Drive.

Ticket processing has also changed, most notably drivers should call the Traffic Court to adjudicate their ticket. Drivers who wish to plea ‘No-Contest’ to a citation for a minor traffic offense should call the Traffic Court prior to their assigned court date. Call-ins are available from 1200-1600 Monday through Thursday. The driver will be awarded points on their driving record in accordance with the Traffic Violation Code table in MCIEAST-MCB CAMLEJO 5560.2.

The traffic point system applies to (a) military and civilian personnel operating Government vehicles on or off the installation; (b) military personnel operating privately owned vehicles on or off the Installation; and (c) family members, civilian employees, and all other individuals operating privately owned vehicles on the Installation. Drivers who wish to contest a traffic citation or who have exceeded their annual points limit (12 points in 12 months or 18 points in 24 months) must still appear at Traffic Court on the date written on their citation.

The Camp Lejeune Base Traffic Court determines when to suspend or revoke a motorist’s driving privileges or awards traffic points toward suspension per guidelines established by MCIEAST-MCB CAMLEJO 5560.2. Each case is fully and fairly reviewed. About 9,000 cases are processed every year by the Camp Lejeune Traffic Court.

Traffic Court proceedings are administrative, not adversarial in nature. Rules of evidence don’t apply at administrative hearings. While drivers are processed quickly at Traffic Court, it can take the driver and his or her SNCO away from their work for a period of time while they wait in line.

Traffic Court office hours will remain from Monday through Thursday 0800-1200 for appointments (set by PMO on traffic citations) and walk-ins.

More information is available on the Traffic Court website at www.mcieast.marines.mil/StaffOffices/CommandInspectorGeneral/BaseTrafficCourt.aspx or telephone 451-2055.