Residents, visitors and employees at Marine Corps Air Station New River have the opportunity to enjoy family activities at the newly- renovated New River Bowling Center.

The center charges $3.50 per game plus $2 for shoe rentals. The renovations include an improved snack bar that serves a range of breakfast, such as eggs and pancakes, and lunches, such as their number one seller "The Master Gunny" burger consisting of four ounces of ham and bacon with cheese and a hard egg on top between pieces of wheat or white bread, made fresh every day.

Some of the upgrades also include new black light glow lanes shaped as highways, new carpets, glowing bowling balls, new shoes and even a new and larger Wi-Fi accessible lobby.

"We want all our customers to feel welcome and enjoy themselves," said Lee Walker, manager at the New River Bowling Center. "We’ve had some recent renovations that will help people coming in relax and enjoy what we have to offer. We’re doing regular events like Monday Madness and Extreme Bowling in high hopes of re-inviting pleased customers."

The bowling center is currently hosting a special event called Warrior Wednesday from July 13 to Aug. 31, where patrons get to view the cooks making their food as they wait. Bowlers can also rent a lane for two hours for $20.

Monday Madness is from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. for $1.50 per game not including shoe rental. Every Friday and Saturday from 9 p.m. to midnight bowlers can play unlimited games and rent shoes for $15.

"I’ve been working here for 32 years to help this bowling center be the best it can be," said Walker. "We have these events to show our appreciation and give the best experiences to families wanting to enjoy time together and have fun."