Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune is offering a new curriculum for military singles called "Got Your Back." These workshops will help participants set and commit to goals, limit destructive communication patterns and reduce the negative effects of stress and anger.

These workshops are fast-paced, information-packed and use a variety of teaching methods that include animations, Lecture Doodles, activities, self-assessments and more.

"This is not a series of lectures but an experiential learning process that builds on self-awareness, promotes mindful choices, emphasizes relationship skills and encourages participants to value themselves and citizens of the world," said Nancy Hauck, clinical supervisor, Marine and Family Programs.

The workshops feature three keys to success which are the core themes throughout: "Do your part," "Make it Safe" and "Decide Don’t Slide."

A personality tool using primary colors is featured in this curriculum. It is designed to help participants find out how people are different when it comes to how they handle relationships and life circumstances by highlighting strengths as well as potential pitfalls.

How to build and maintain relationships is a helpful part of the curriculum. Subjects such as how to notice red flags for dangers in relationships are touched on during this part of the workshop.

Improving on communication skills by learning to be a better communicator and addressing difficult situations, such as breaking up with a significant other, are a part of this workshop as well.

Credit card debt, impulse buying and other unhealthy habits within commands are also addressed.

A unique part of this workshop is the Lecture Doodles. Lecture Doodles is a program that features drawing what the speaker is talking about as they teach a lesson. They are quick, interesting and easy to follow. This teaching method is entertaining and grabs the audience’s focus.

Hands on activities, assessments followed by group discussions and helpful resources such as counseling services are provided. The "Got Your Back" curriculum is one that will provide a lot of valuable information to military singles and those who are new to the Marine Corps or need to improve upon important life skills.

The "Got Your Back" workshop begins Mondays and Wednesdays starting Aug. 15 at the Commander Charles K. Springle Training Center on Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune. For more information, visit