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Not everyone appreciates the New York Yankees dynasty. Baseball fans critique the New York Yankees in Major League Baseball. They do this because they allegedly get whoever and when they want.  These critics claim that there is an unfair advantage. The signing of Giancarlo Stanton didn’t help fuel the fire for critics. However, the New York Yankees 27-world series rings are enough to override this resentment displayed by baseball fans.

If the New York Yankees have the money to buy players, then why should they be criticized? It’s their money and team. The New York Yankees are known for good baseball and star-quality talent. Players like Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada, Hideki Matsui, Robinson Cano were all well-respected athletes who the team has shelled out money for. The team could afford to have these players; therefore they deserve to reap the benefits of their product.

Fans from other teams shouldn’t be talking bad about the New York Yankees just because their team doesn’t have the same talent on their team’s roster. The boys from the Bronx might have all of these big names, but it’s the opposing general managers that aren’t keeping or signing these big name players. Clearly, they have a strategy going for who they want on their team’s roster.

However, that isn’t stopping fans from complaining.  A majority of the problem is assumptions taking place. Fans are assuming that the New York Yankees are just buying whatever they see. Let’s not forget that it takes two people to tango. The rest of the league is making decisions just like everyone else. There isn’t just an unfair compilation of stars in New York. There might be good players on the team, but it’s not the organization’s fault if they don’t go to these other teams.

There is one last takeaway from this issue that resides in baseball.  There is a reason that the New York Yankees get these stars on their roster. They play in a good community, which maintains professionalism every step of the way.

Everyone knew the New York Yankees’ way of doing things when former team owner, George Steinbrenner, was alive. Players on the team had to be a class act because that was the way things rolled in the Bronx.  Jeter is a spitting example of the New York Yankees’ organization.  Good players followed Jeter and there was a certain expectation that the former captain of the team set for his teammates.

The star-studded names will always be making their way to the Big Apple. It’s just the way things roll for the historic baseball club in New York.  Players like Stanton and Aaron Judge, are going to be attracted to New York, and the city will always have open arms. Fans of other clubs just need to accept it and make it easier on everyone.  When a dynasty wins 27 titles, they earn the right to get the best players.

Editor’s note: The Fask Break is a commentary series providing readers with a range of information about sports. Facts not attributed are purely the opinion of the writer.