All-Marine Wrestling Team

Always working hard and striving for greatness, the All-Marine Wrestling Team traveled overseas to compete in the 2018 Spanish Grand Prix in Madrid, Spain, July 14.  The team took third place overall in the tournament with multiple individuals finding success on the mat.

“I was very happy with the results of the match,” said Jason Loukides, All-Marine Wrestling Team head coach. “This group earned its first team placement trophy taking third place. Everyone competed hard and scored points.”

All of the hard work continues to pay off for the team. They worked together producing the overall top-three finish.

“We are a very close team united by the same goals and mission, their bond as Marines makes for instant chemistry,” said Loukides. “They know that they can count on each other and have been through similar experiences.”

Sgt. Xavier Johnson in the 63-kilograms weight class finished in third place for the third time this season.

 “I felt great to receive my third international medal,” said Xavier.  “My team and I put a lot of hours into our training. Whenever it’s shown in a positive result, it reassures me that we’re going in the right direction.”

The team’s success on the mats grows through the wrestlers passion for wrestling.

 “I would describe my team’s success as motivating,” said Xavier. “Taking on a different environment and still being able to adapt and thrive in such a short amount of time is pretty impressive.”

2nd Lt. Jamel Johnson finished as the runner-up in the 67-kgs weight class marking his success in Spain.

 “The camaraderie that the All-Marine Wrestling Team and United States Marine Corps is unmatched,” said Jamel. “We are brothers through and through. The best part of the tournament was just competing internationally again. It’s always fun testing out my skill set against foreigners.”

Sgt.  Trent Osnes took the second-place finish in the heavyweights contributing to the team’s overall success.

“As Marines and also teammates, we always have really good chemistry in the wrestling room as well as competition,” said Osnes. “Our team unity is unmatched in everything we do. Coach Loukides knows exactly where each of us need work as individuals, so my only focus is improving my areas of weakness and doing everything I can to help my teammates.”

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