The Roughnecks

In the past, I have covered a lot of Commanders’ Cup Series events.  Basketball, softball, inline hockey; these are all sports that create great competitive action between service members.   When watching the games, one wouldn’t realize the deeper meaning behind what they are watching.  This isn’t just a player coming up to the plate to hit a ball or take a shot from the charity stripe.  These games create memories and build relationships.  When I started my job here at the Camp Lejeune Globe, I was very excited to hear about the Commanders’ Cup Series.  This is like nothing else, watching service member’s show off their talents during a match.

If there is anything that I have taken away throughout my coverage, it is that these games are competitive.  This theme of competition is a huge central focus in the United States Marine Corps.  Service members are striving for greatness and there is no better way to display a competitive edge then defeating an opponent.  Regardless of the sport, this competitive nature of the Commanders’ Cup Series is always present.  In June, the Roughnecks from the Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training went undefeated in their season during the 2018 New River intramural softball Commanders’ Cup Series.  Every time they scored runs, they continued to thrive toward greatness.  They had an itch to win on the softball diamond.

Beside the competitive aspect of the game, service members are bonding through their love of the game.  These units are coming together when they play together. I saw it many times throughout my game coverage.  The fact that service members will spend time all this time together when on-duty and then play with one another off-duty demonstrates the camaraderie they share as a unit.  The continue change of permanent duty stations of service members leads for the continue need for bonding activities. Even members from different units get to know each other through the Commanders’ Cup Series. Teammates might not even work together, but through the team they become friends. This is how the Commanders’ Cup Series works.

The physical gains that athletes make through practices and games speaks for itself.  Running around the bases or rushing down the basketball court on the fast break is physically beneficial. Another common statement that I hear from active-duty service members is that they like to find new creative and fun ways to complete their physical training.  The different athletic games offered in the Commanders’ Cup Series is a phenomenal opportunity to carry out their physical goals.

Sports in general brings communities together across the country and the world.  However, there really is a high importance and need for this type of athletic series. The Commanders’ Cup Series is something that you really can’t find any other place.  The service members from different units are signing up to play and are reaping the benefits from playing.  Soccer and kayaking are two athletic events coming on Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune and Marine Corps Air Station New River.  Sports has and always will bring a community together, especially the Lejeune community.

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