Manny Machado

Yankees at Orioles 04/13/15

The Major League Baseball trade deadline is approaching rapidly. Teams are fighting with one another to get the best players on their roster. Every year, the media is providing the latest updates on who they think will be the buyers and sellers. The New York Yankees are usually always on the forefront for being buyers.  The biggest name being tossed around now is third baseman Manny Machado with the Baltimore Orioles.  According to CBS Sports HQ baseball insider Jim Bowden, There could be a team-change for Machado once the All-Star Break wraps up.  The Los Angeles Dodgers right now are contenders for Machado.

When looking at what makes a team a buyer, it is best to look at what do they need in order be viewed as a threat.  A solid bat can go a long way for a baseball team when they are in the middle of the pack.  They might be scoring and driving in batters, but an average team could be missing that spark in the line-up.  According to, Machado has 24 home runs and 96 runs batted in, both a team-high for the Baltimore Orioles.  The Los Angeles Dodgers don’t have consistent players like this putting up these kind of statistics.  How can a team really be successful if their guys aren’t producing the big numbers? If the Dodgers do get Machado, it might just be the spark they need to make a run for the pennant.

Adding someone like Machado to a team’s roster would create a confidence boost in the dugout. There is more to baseball than just swinging the bat. Mental confidence takes on a huge roll for a baseball squad.  Just look at how the New York Yankees added Giancarlo Stanton to their roster, the team immediately increased their belief in themselves.  It doesn’t hurt after all to have Aaron Judge and Stanton guarding the fence.

The publicity that Machado would bring to a team is huge bonus to taking him on.  Adding big names to a roster will bring fans to the ballpark.  Every year a team brings in a star, the ticket sales are going to rise.  This is like an icing on the cake for a general manager if they can bring in a big-name player who increases ticket sales.  It might be a party this week in Los Angeles if they can swing the Machado deal.

The fight in the MLB for the studs playing on their home field turf will only get better from here.  The better scouts get at the jobs, the increase their will be in major trade deals.  There are other teams still in the hunt for Machado, but there could be a deal coming soon.  The run production is only one benefit of bringing in someone like Machado. Sprinkle in a confidence boost and an increase sales— a blockbuster deal is going to help teams like the Dodgers going forward. For now, Machado and the Baltimore Orioles will keep baseball fans wondering on where he is going next. 

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