LeBron james

The National Basketball Association free agency is always a hot topic for sports fans, and it gets everyone talking about where top players are moving to.  LeBron James and Kawhi Leoanrd were two big names that switched teams coming up for the new season. James in particular draws a lot of attention when he changes teams. The 2019-2020 season is going to be a free agent palooza.

There is no doubt that Kevin Durant is going to make one team’s fan base something to talk about.  Right now, Durant is on the Golden State Warriors— and the Washington, D.C. native plays a huge role with that. According to ESPN.com, Durant last year averaged 26.4 points per game and brought down 6.8 rebounds per game.  Durant is a superstar for the NBA. This may seem like a long shot but it would be very interesting site to see LeBron James and Kevin Durant playing together for the Los Angeles Lakers. He has been the NBA Finals most valuable player both in 2017 and 2018.  In 2008, Durant was the rookie of the year and has been part of the All-NBA 1st team six different times.  Any team would be lucky to have this basketball player on their roster.

Jimmy Butler is on the Minnesota Timberwolves after playing for the Chicago Bulls from 2011 through the 2017 season. A name that continually swarms around the rumor mill for Butler’s next destination are the New York Knicks. According to the ESPN Forecast panel, there is a 42.4 voting percentage that says Butler is heading to the Big Apple next year.  This is what he really needs to grow his game.  A bigger market with more eyes watching him in the end will be beneficial to not only Butler but the Knicks. Butler is a good outside shooter and his talents are better suited in New York.

I already mentioned before that a James and Durant pairing would be great. However, Leonard on the Los Angeles Lakers squad would make that team pretty hard to beat. Leonard was a star-studded player with multiple players helping him out in San Antonio. Leonard is best when he has help, just like James needs to win more titles.  We will see how Leonard does playing for the Toronto Raptors but that partnership might not last long. By the end of the season, Leonard could be wearing a different uniform.

Kevin Durant is the biggest discussion during NBA free agency next year hands down. One of the top names in the league is going to draw attention.  Jimmy Butler is not new to the NBA and he needs change, possibly landing in New York.  Leonard leaving San Antonio was a hard change for him, maybe he will be a Laker one day. NBA fans across the nation are eager to see where there top basketball players end up in the future.

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