As children, we often asked our parents or other adults for many things throughout our lives. Never truly understanding what it took to provide those things that we wanted until we became adults. The only thing that mattered to us as children was that we expected to receive what we desired. … Read more

Onslow County Schools kicked off their recent National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) Grant at the Regional Skills Center in Jacksonville on Dec. 11, celebrating the addition of two schools to an already highly successful partnership between the district and the Department of Defense spo… Read more

Few of Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune’s residents are native to the area, which is true for almost any military town. As the saying goes, “Home is where the Marine Corps sends you.” MCB Camp Lejeune and Onslow County are currently home despite where you are from. We drive these streets in ou… Read more

The non-profit group, Support Military Families (SMF), estimates more than 1,000 local service members will be deployed this month. To help, the group brought free gifts to military spouses and children to pass out at the Jacksonville Commons Recreation Complex, Dec. 11. Read more

My wife and I are in our sixth year of marriage and our three children survive our fallible attempts to shepherd their little hearts to Christ. Being a spouse and a parent is a trying thing, full of extreme hardship and extreme joy. But the love of the family can never be compromised. Here a… Read more

The Onslow County Community Orchestra performs their Holiday Showcase at the Jacksonville Mall, Dec. 8. The ensemble is comprised of Onslow county residents with varying degrees of musical experience, some adults with years of playing under their belt and some students sponsored by an adult … Read more

Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) Lejeune - New River offers several fitness centers and group work out sessions for all ages. One popular class, POUND, recently returned. The class is held at Wallace Creek Fitness Center every Monday at 11:30 am. Read more

As a working mother, life can be full of chaos and uncertainly as we attempt to balance the duties of service member, mom, step mom, wife, daughter or sister. The list can seem endless. We often wonder if we are performing well at work while properly attending to the physical and emotional n… Read more

As it finally begins to feel like winter in Coastal Carolina, families have begun to prepare for their holiday season. The city of Swansboro hosted its annual Christmas Flotilla lighting up the waterside with festive decorations, music and holiday cheer, Nov. 30. Read more

Think of someone you know who is truly happy. Just being around them makes us happier as well. Now think of someone you know who isn’t happy at all. Perhaps they seem drained of energy. Perhaps they are angry or bitter or pessimistic. What is the difference between them? What distinguishes t… Read more

The month of November is a time to recognize, support and empower family caregivers. The theme for National Family Caregivers Month 2019 is “Caregiving Around the Clock.” Many caregivers are nurses, teachers and loved ones, but several find themselves drawn to it out of necessity. In militar… Read more

The Nurturing Fathers Program (NFP) on Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune offers fathers a chance to build their parenting skills and discover more about themselves. It challenges fathers to ask themselves if they are tough enough to be gentle. The class runs year-round and can be joined at any … Read more