There exists in many a misunderstanding that pride and arrogance is strength, confidence and power. Going along with this misunderstanding is that humility is weakness, a lack of backbone and lack of personality. Pride seems to be our default settings whereas humility requires daily awareness, exercise and practice.

C. S. Lewis once wrote that humility is not about thinking less of self, but rather thinking of self less.

Humility is living in the truth, pride is about living in distortion.

Humility is dependence, pride is independence.

Humility is an attractive trait and ideal, pride and arrogance drives people away.

Since humility is living in the truth, then it is about being well grounded, and this speaks of strength, courage and long-term power. Pride and arrogance often mask insecurity. They speak to empty power, like a blank shot out of any weapon system: lots of noise and show, no effectiveness. Humility is depth, width, length of effective humanity and leadership.

While pride is deaf, humility has acute ears to reality, truth, and those around.

While pride has many blind spots, humility does too, but knows how to use others as mirrors.

While pride is a lot of words, no words or empty words, humility speaks wisdom in silence and in well-timed words.

While pride is all about who is right, humility is all about what is right.

While pride gets stuck in the past, humility is grounded in the present to build a healthy future.

While pride focuses on the accidentals and small picture, humility focuses on the essentials and the big picture.

While pride and arrogance lives in the darkness of denial and rejection, humility lives in the light of acceptance.

As Marines we will obey the lawful commands of our superiors. If our superiors are proud and arrogant, we will obey. If our superiors are proud and arrogant, we will hear what they say. If our superiors are humble, we will obey, hear, listen, follow and give our lives.

Humility is the strength to stand alone, the wisdom to know when to seek support, the courage to ask for it, the intelligence to name things as they are in our personal lives, and the courage to live in the truth knowing that the truth will always set us free. Freedom is what we serve, fight for and give our lives for.