“Before they call I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.” Isaiah 65:24

Today we have caller ID. I smile when I see a name pop-up of a person with whom I enjoy talking. Shared interests, history, or style of communication makes that friendly call a little bit of a stress reliever, if not a mini-vacation!

Talking to friends can easily be overlooked. We need human genuineness and transparency in conversation much more than we sometimes wish to admit. Our grace for living can be recharged by re-living a story with a long term friend.

A long time before caller ID, before phones, before even telegraph, many primitive mountain tribes would shout, yodel or whistle in a code that carried a long way and conveyed messages. The surrounding people knew the signature sound of the individual, in other words, their vocal ID.

Jesus used the recognition of the shepherd’s voice in His voice as an example of the importance of a call. John 10:27 reads, “My sheep hear my voice and they follow me.”

When Marines march there is a sound given by their leader that inspires. If discipline, strength and vision is not reflected in the leader’s vocal signature and recognized immediately, the desired Marine environment has not been provided.

Let’s develop sounds of the military a little more. God’s voice rings true so we may enjoy fellowship with him, but His clear voice is also given to us for a warning of danger and a call to his spiritual warriors. Clear sure military sounds have been used for a variety of reasons throughout history.

In the Old Testament two armies faced each other in a unique way. Nehemiah 4:17-18 tells us of the walls of Jerusalem being rebuilt by men-at-arms that held their weapons or had them strapped to themselves while doing the work of wall rebuilding. Their enemy was watching at a distance and was seeking a weak spot in their defenses. The sound to call for battle was so anticipated the Commanding Officer had his “bugler” one step away from him 24/7. Now that’s intense! Spiritual Warriors are the front-line defense.

According to the Isaiah reference, God stands ready to act on your behalf. You are programmed to hear and recognize His clear familiar voice. Your spiritual gift set provides a pre-set dial-in number to the throne of God and His name is Jesus. You have a spiritual caller ID for you have the ability to hear God’s voice and know it every time He calls to you.

Now is the best time. Pray and He listens. Listen and He speaks. May you find God’s peace as you call, and listen and hear the sound your soul is designed to receive - His call.