One of my children’s favorite shows is based on two siblings who love nature, animals and various creatures. One of the recent episodes that I had a chance to watch with them was concerning spiders. It was really fascinating to see how spiders use their webs and how powerful their webs can be. One of the more interesting things was the spider’s ability to create a huge web without being seen by its prey and how it can stop and trap its prey in mid-flight.

How powerful is it that it is able to stop a moving object? As the prey struggles to release itself, the spider comes to capture it and some spiders use their venom to sting prey and wrap them up for food.

This made me wonder about how the enemy lays a web within our mind and use our own thoughts and emotions to trap us. The trap is unnoticed or sometimes neglected as we focus on other things. But as we crash into its web, the mind panics and we struggle with various emotions and thoughts. Sometimes we do not know how we got stuck, or how and where it all began.

It just seems the substance in the web is causing us to be entangled in our thoughts and preventing us from escape and intensifies its grip even more as we struggle to figure out a solution. As we struggle for a solution, the enemy comes and depraves our mind with its venom of fear, doubt and slowly robbing us of our joy. It makes us fall into a vicious cycle of confusion and chaos. The enemy stops and distracts us from our enjoyment of life, just as a spider traps an insect in mid-flight. The enemy’s venom enslaves us and we become its prey. The inability to free ourselves from the web causes us to lose hope as various thoughts float in our minds; “I can’t make it,” “I can’t escape” and we become wary and tired. How easily our mind entraps us and make us a prisoner of our own thought.

It is at these moments that we need to seek the freedom-giving power of God. In Jeremiah 17:9, God tell us that our heart (the mind) is deceitful above all. The only way to escape the trap is with the sword that cuts through the web of lies. That sword is the word of God (Hebrews 4:12, Ephesians 6:17). His love is the only thing that will cut away the lies and set us free. His word will always guide and deliver us through the times of trouble and bring us into the joy of his presence. One of Zack Williams’ song “Fear is a Liar” is a good reminder of the lies of the enemy. The love of God is greater than our emotion or the thought of fear. In the moments of unknown and time of fear, gather yourself and go before God and seek the freedom and refuge that he provides. Do not get trapped by the enemy’s web which is set to stop your joy of life.