Clarissa Baldwin

From left to right: Carissa, Joanne, Kyle and Col. Scott Baldwin enjoy a day at the McIntyre-Parks Shooting Complex on Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, May 13, 2018.

Carissa Baldwin is from the Lejeune graduating class of 2016. She is currently a senior at the University of Notre Dame majoring in Biological Sciences with a minor in Italian studies. She plans on seeking a commission in the U.S. Navy after graduation and becoming a Naval Aviator.

While many of her classmates had never left their home state before starting college, Baldwin said that she wasn't nervous at all, but rather excited to explore somewhere new.

“Being a military child gave me the adaptability to enter a new environment and a willingness and enthusiasm to try new things and meet new people. Not to mention I’ve lived at Notre Dame longer than I lived anywhere” said Baldwin.

The biggest advantage of going to Lejeune High School for Baldwin was the teachers and staff.

“I felt I was at a huge advantage for being able to build close relationships with some of my teachers and my counselor at LHS, most of whom I keep regular contact with and consider mentors. Their advice has been invaluable to me and they were key in getting me where I am today,” Baldwin said.

Baldwin wishes that she had spent more time exploring what she wanted to study in college before she arrived at the university, but one piece of advice that she swears by is using a planner.

“I've used a planner religiously and rely on it to keep me on track. When life is busier, I can budget my day, keep track of assignments and exams, and I am able to schedule time with friends, remind myself of meetings, keep a to-do list and make sure I get everything done!” Baldwin said.

Her final piece of advice to anyone in college is to not get your textbooks from the college bookstore, but seek cheaper alternatives in other book stores or online.

“Save the money,” Baldwin said.