Keeping up with a pup: Evan Govea

Evan Govea, Lejeune High School c/o 2017.

Evan Govea graduated from Lejeune High School in 2017. He is currently a junior at California State University Monterey Bay. Govea is studying kinesiology in hopes to work as a sports medicine facilitator for bouldering or rock climbing athletics.

Govea says that for him, being a military child came with the ability to adapt to new environments and people, as well the maturity to make life decisions that will bring the most benefits to him and his family. Govea says that networking is one area where this has really benefited him.

“Networking helps me with seeking out opportunities for finding careers for my major, which is all about being active both in a literal and figurative sense,” said Govea.

Govea also views college as not just an opportunity to further education, but a chance to once again reinvent oneself.

“I'm glad I went into college able to transform myself into whoever I wanted to be because for me, I practically started fresh in a new area of the world,” Govea said.

“My advice for students would be that when our actions are based on good intentions, our soul has no regrets. Don't be afraid to speak up otherwise you'll miss the opportunity to learn,” Govea said.