A recent sidewalk chalk art contest put on by Atlantic Marine Corps Communities (AMCC) received an abundance of submissions and provided residents with the opportunity to express themselves artistically.

Grace Alcala, a Camp Lejeune resident, said that she was excited to participate and give back to the neighborhood through her family’s patriotic design. “The boys were super excited to spend their no screen Wednesday working on their patriotic wings and even more so that we were able to share it with the neighborhood,” said Alcala. “We knew a lot of people were taking advantage of their quarantine time together and seeing so many people out getting sun and family time together reminded me of when I was a kid. I’m so appreciative that our boys could grow up in some of the same nostalgia my husband and I got to experience in childhood!”

“We have some truly creative and artistic residents living with us,” said John Giltz, project director for AMCC. “We enjoy finding ways to bring the community together, while keeping social distancing in mind. This contest did just that and we look forward to continuing to provide these opportunities to our residents.”