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In 1917 as the United States was preparing to enter World War I, the New York Bible Society wanted to give a New Testament to each warrior and called upon former President Theodore Roosevelt to provide an inscription to be printed inside them. He then wrote The Micah Mandate ̃He has shown yo… Read more

How many times over the last couple of months have we opened up an email to read those words? As we progress through the strange new world that COVID-19 seems to have created, there’s no doubt that it’s been uncertain and chaotic, but it seems like every organization that’s ever emailed us n… Read more

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The U.S. Marine Corps has cancelled the PFT for this cycle – this is how we know we are living during strange and unusual times. There are many thoughts and even sayings that come to my mind in the midst of this restriction of movement brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Semper Gumby; im… Read more

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Leaving hospital rooms is always a mix of emotions. There’s the fulfillment of having had the opportunity to minister to a Marine in need. At times there lingers the question as to whether the ministry delivered was the ministry really needed. And still other times leave certain questions un… Read more

The room was dark. No lights were flickering. Nearly a dozen people huddled together in an attic. Below them they could hear authoritative voices, firmly asking questions. No one dared move. To be found out would mean certain death if the Nazis were to find them. Anne Frank and her Jewish fa… Read more

Few Sailors and Marines lie awake in their racks at Boot Camp. Maybe for the first time in their lives, exhausted recruits find that they can sleep on command, in any position, at any time of day or night, almost like turning off a light switch. It’s not uncommon to hear two comrades-at-arms… Read more

There are three great forces of our human existence - faith, hope and love. A life without faith has no meaning; a life without love isn’t worth living and a life without hope is a dark cave from which you cannot escape. Read more

We all have wounds sometimes, not only physical but also emotional and spiritual. Some may be small and relatively easy to get over. But other wounds can be big, serious, and deep. These wounds can become a part of us and impact our life. So what should we do when we are hurt by others? Shou… Read more

It is in these times of uncertainty that God often calls His people to wait for His deliverance. God is patient, and throughout much of the Christian’s life it is apparent, He is teaching us to be like Him. To be patient. Read more

The phrase “shelter in place” has become familiar to all of us. Obeying appropriate guidelines for this is a good thing. It gives us protection, but it also causes changes in our thinking, planning and behavior. Some have complained how it has radically complicated and changed their lives. N… Read more

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We are living in interesting times. COVID-19 has impacted our lives in unexpected ways. Who knew how difficult it would be to find some personal hygiene items? Life’s challenges can feel overwhelming due to the uncertainty we face. Thankfully, military service members and their families have… Read more

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I have recently been having conversations about ethics with the Marines and Sailors of 1st battalion 2nd Marine Regiment. These conversations highlight the incredible reasons the Marines have for serving. Indeed, they are here for honorable purposes, but sometimes the challenges of this life… Read more

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How is your walk with God? Do you find yourself “praying without ceasing” (1 Thess. 5:17), or has it been a while? Do you spend time with Him daily, or is worship just a “duty” that you (grudgingly) perform? Read more

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Sir Edmund Hillary was the first man to climb Mount Everest. On May 29, 1953, he scaled the highest mountain then known to man - 29,000 feet above sea level. He was knighted for his efforts. Read more

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The term “self-care” has been thrown around in the military community for some time, especially from chaplains. It sounds very good preaching it to the masses; often times challenging when asked to apply it to our own lives. In a time where society as a whole is addicted to hurry, we tend to… Read more

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Jesus came to bring us out of our bondage, sorrow and night into his freedom, joy and light. Both the Bible and the news channels testify that we dwell in the midst of darkness and, even worse, that darkness dwells in us. Isaiah 9:2 testifies that “the people who walked in darkness have seen… Read more

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We live in a dark and slippery world. At this time of year, when the sun is low, and daylight is short, simple walks or running may become major adventures. Our paths are often poorly lit, and our way is often covered with ice or frost. Travelers venture-out onto wet or icy highways, where s… Read more

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American author and life coach, Tony Robbins reminds us that throughout human history, our greatest leaders and thinkers have used the power of words to transform our emotions, to enlist us in their causes and to shape the course of destiny. Words cannot only create emotions, they create act… Read more

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Have you ever made the biggest mistake of your life? Now, we’ve all made mistakes before. But, think about the biggest mistake ever; perhaps one that you may have buried deep within your heart. Read more

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One of our nation’s greatest service songs is “Anchors Aweigh.” In the song, those serving aboard the ship are commanded to pull the anchor up, secure it and set sail for distant shores. Families serving in the Marine Corps and Navy are often asked to set sail together, far away from where t… Read more

Do you dislike waiting on things? I do. I absolutely can’t stand waiting on things. Waiting to get in the Wilson Boulevard Gate on any given weekday. Waiting for a batch of cookies to finish baking. Waiting in sheer futility for my beloved Phoenix Suns to get their act together and actually … Read more

Joy, peace and love; these are three words you heard much of through the month of December, on signs, billboards and holiday cards. But joy, peace, and love are three words that cannot be separated. Read more

As children, we often asked our parents or other adults for many things throughout our lives. Never truly understanding what it took to provide those things that we wanted until we became adults. The only thing that mattered to us as children was that we expected to receive what we desired. … Read more

My wife and I are in our sixth year of marriage and our three children survive our fallible attempts to shepherd their little hearts to Christ. Being a spouse and a parent is a trying thing, full of extreme hardship and extreme joy. But the love of the family can never be compromised. Here a… Read more

As a working mother, life can be full of chaos and uncertainly as we attempt to balance the duties of service member, mom, step mom, wife, daughter or sister. The list can seem endless. We often wonder if we are performing well at work while properly attending to the physical and emotional n… Read more

Think of someone you know who is truly happy. Just being around them makes us happier as well. Now think of someone you know who isn’t happy at all. Perhaps they seem drained of energy. Perhaps they are angry or bitter or pessimistic. What is the difference between them? What distinguishes t… Read more

Humility is one of those traits which good leaders have and which takes years to hone. It’s like a good marinade on a steak. The longer you let it sit in the marinade, the better it tastes. Read more

I came across a biblical verse in my devotional reading. It struck me hard. It caught my attention. The sun almost stood still for me. I was puzzled and amazed. I had to pause and reflect on what I was reading. How this can be? How did I miss this? 2 Kings 18:5 describes about King Hezekiah … Read more

An accomplished artist living in New York City regularly contributed to the donation can of a homeless person as she made her way home from work each evening. When Christmas time came, instead of her normal contribution, she stopped and handed him a wrapped present. As he peeled the paper of… Read more

There exists in many a misunderstanding that pride and arrogance is strength, confidence and power. Going along with this misunderstanding is that humility is weakness, a lack of backbone and lack of personality. Pride seems to be our default settings whereas humility requires daily awarenes… Read more

Wisdom is an art rather than a science. It takes what people have experienced and compresses it down into a usable thought that can be planted and grown. However, wisdom is elusive. It seems to be hard to find for even the most diligent seeker. So, when I hear a story about a young person ma… Read more

There are times in our lives where we end up in a river of bad decisions. One bad choice can lead to another, then another, and so on. When considering these bad decisions, I find it helpful to use the analogy of a dam and relate it to our life. Why do we make bad decisions, what factors lea… Read more

Kindness is a gesture that anyone can practice. It is a gesture that can alleviate tension and cause enemies to reconcile. Proverbs 25:21 states, “If your enemy is hungry, give him bread to eat; and if he is thirsty, give him water to drink, for so you will heap coals of fire on his head, an… Read more

Are you going through some of the toughest moments of your life right now? Or maybe you have gone through rough times and can relate? Read more

Semper Fidelis takes a mindset, preparation, commitment and much more. An entire Marine culture must become habitual both in actions and thinking. Once that training has gripped a persons’ lifestyle, thought structure and habits they can say with confidence, “once a Marine, always a Marine.” Read more

I’ve never liked hearing someone say to me, “I don’t want to be a bother, or a burden,” when turning down my offer of help or a gift. And yet, I often catch myself saying something similar to others. Or I’ll say to myself, “I’m strong, I don’t need help.” I once read a story by Stephen Donal… Read more

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I recently took some leave days and went to Florida for some family time and relaxation. When you have children, you are bound to end up in Orlando and go to one of the entertainment parks. This time around we settled for Universal and, being teenage children, they of course wanted to ride t… Read more

The holidays are joyful for most. After all, we are given extra time off work. Sweets and special foods are served. Gifts are often exchanged. But the thoughtful will also experience emotions of longing, a desire for something more. This feeling is given ritual form in the Christian calendar… Read more