Chaplain's Column

Humility is one of those traits which good leaders have and which takes years to hone. It’s like a good marinade on a steak. The longer you let it sit in the marinade, the better it tastes.

Unlike a steak, humility isn’t fun to receive. You can’t take humility. It has to be imposed upon you.You have to receive it whatever it may look like. Out of the scars that eventually come from your wounds, you begin to sense that it is your humility that allows you to connect to others in a more deep and empathic way.

Empathy is gained through the sharing of one’s story. Sympathy looks from a distance and doesn’t want to get its hands dirty. Empathy means that you’re getting in the mire and the muck of someone’s experience and feeling it for yourself. Humility has a tendency to come from sharing that experience with someone.

Still, humility doesn’t come out of nowhere. It needs a friend to gain a foothold into your life without despair or anger setting in - faith. Without faith your experiences can shut you down.

Faith is one of those facets of human experience that can draw you through some very tough times. When we rely on something greater than ourselves, then we can rest in that thing. As a Christian, I rely on God, as I understand God, as revealed through Jesus Christ. Others may not share my beliefs, and that’s okay. Resting on that big thing, the one that carries you through the hard times, allows the eventual scars that show our worst moments to become sources of healing for later generations.

Rely on your faith, and it will get you through the times that build humility.