The Atlanta Journal Constitution had an incredible story in 1987 about a rock collector named Rob Cutshaw.He owned a little roadside shop outside Andrews, North Carolina. Like many in the trade, Cutshaw hunted for rocks on the weekends and would then sell these rocks to other collectors or jewel makers. He knew enough about most rocks to decide nwhich ones to pick up and sell, but he was admittedly no expert. He would leave the appraising of his rocks to other people.

As much as he loved the work, he often had to work other odd jobs to help pay his family’s bills. While on a dig some 15 years before in the mountains of North Carolina, Cutshaw found a rock that he described as “big and purdy.” He tried unsuccessfully to sell the rock for a few months. Without any offers
at his roadside shop, he stored the rock away in a box in his garage with several other rocks that had not sold at his shop.
Years later when cleaning out his garage, he saw the big bluish chunk of rock in the forgotten box and thought that it might still be worth $50 or $75 dollars. Before he took it back to his stand, Rob took the rock to a friend who was an appraiser and received the surprise of a lifetime. The bluish rock that Rob had abandoned to his garage is now known as “The Star of David” sapphire – weighing almost two pounds and valued at more than $5 million dollars.
Rob Cutshaw did not know that the chunk of blue rock that he found was the largest and most valuable blue sapphire ever found in the world. This story is a great reminder that there are treasures all around us each and every day that we sometimes miss completely. Many of these treasures are worth so much more than this blue sapphire. Do we see the treasures that are our family, our friends and our career in this great Navy and Marine Corps? Do I recognize the treasure that is my health, my life, my character and even my very soul?
There is an old hymn that I remember singing as a child in church called “Count Your Many Blessings.” This beautiful hymn reminds us to count all of the blessings in our life, so that we can see the amazing things that God has done for us. My prayer is that you and I would not miss the treasures that we have been given in this life. When it is so easy to judge based on outward appearances, I hope that we would see the true value and blessing in all that the Lord has done for us. Are you and I cherishing the many “Stars of David’s” that are already in our possession? Be grateful for these blessings and keep looking for more, I know I will.