Chaplain's Corner

I recently took some leave days and went to Florida for some family time and relaxation. When you have children, you are bound to end up in Orlando and go to one of the entertainment parks. This time around we settled for Universal and, being teenage children, they of course wanted to ride the roller coasters.

Now, when I was younger, I enjoyed the thrill and excitement, but somewhere among adding birthdays and gray hair, my desire to ride roller coasters has somewhat diminished. On this trip, I fully intended to escort my family to the seating area and duck out the exit and wait for them to finish. Alas, it was not to be, I quickly was placed in a seat and for the next three minutes I was shot around at high speeds, went through loops and faced the many bumps and turns.

Some people will find this absolutely exhilarating, possibly life changing. Truthfully, I enjoyed the ride, but it also got me thinking about life. Maybe it was the fact that I wondered whether the body harness would hold or the fear of flying off the track, but this fear of mortality got me thinking how life can be like a roller coaster.

Many people will think that life is supposed to be happy and care free, but life is a series of ups and downs. You can have constant flow and speed, or you can be turned upside down. We are never promised that life is going to be unicorns and rainbows. Some of us will laugh our way through it. Some will cry their way through it. Maybe we scream or maybe we sit frozen, stuck to our chair and hanging on for dear life!

In fact, one of my favorite Bible verses is Psalms 40, “He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.”

From this verse, we learn that life can be messy. It can be dirty, but there is also a promise, someone who cares and love us, that reaches down and lifts us up and places us on a firm rock.

Through the ebbs and flows of life, God is our constant. He will not leave or abandon us, the truth is it is His hand that does the lifting. It is His hand that reaches down into that muddy pit and places us on the rock.