Living your best life, right where you are

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Rose Kennedy once stated, “Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments.” It is the moments we have in our lives that create the milestones.

Each day we wake up we are given new opportunities to “YOLO” (You Only Live Once) the right way. Some Marines and Sailors are at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune for the very first time. Some are here with families and some are not. Whatever our situation may be, we should look at it as a way to create great moments.

If you are “adulting” for the very first time, this is your chance at freedom. Yes, you have the rules of the military, but this is your time to shine.

You do not have parents to answer to anymore; you are truly the captain of your ship. Where your ship sails to as well as lands is solely up to you. You finally get the chance to experience life on your terms and live your best life yet. How can you do this responsibly and in a positive way?

Because you have the blessing of youth on your side, there are so many volunteer opportunities to take advantage of through your unit to make a positive impact on the community in which you work and live.

Maybe there is a trip you have always wanted to take or a sporting event you would like to attend through the Single Marine Program (SMP).

For those who are a little bit older and more settled, we still have the chance to see life in a new light every day. Every breath we breathe is an opportunity to spend more time with loved ones, enjoy the hobby we have been wanting to try, walk on the beach and feel the sand between our toes, or go hard for the promotion we have been dreaming about.

Whatever it is we choose to do with our moments, let them be the building blocks of a legacy milestone worth sharing with others in a positive way to remember our adventures.

Anyone can be negative and see the down side of every situation, but it takes a special person to see the beauty in the moments we create called life.

Life is definitely a delicate, finite balance. It is one we should not take lightly, but embrace fully with much joy and anticipation.

We have so many things in life to be thankful for and having the ability to design each of our moments as well as weave our life story the way we want is truly a precious gift.

Let us not waste our gift on wishing for what we do not have or the endless barrel of regrets we can often outline for ourselves daily. Let us use our gift to make the moments we desire for a lifetime with the friends, family and loved ones who we treasure the most.