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Seasons change, God remains the same

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The Bible teaches us in the book of Ecclesiastes, chapter 3, “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.” If we continue reading the chapter, we learn a lot about the different time or seasons that take place, but also a lot about life. In fact, if you were around in the 1960s or into classic rock, there was song released by The Byrds, “Turn! Turn! Turn!” based on the first eight verses of Ecclesiastes.

I have lived the majority of my life on the West Coast, where seasons are pretty limited. I never experienced four seasons until I lived in Indiana and New York for a few years. Now that I am living in North Carolina, I have been warned about the seasons, specifically the summer months. The message is the same. Get ready for the heat, humidity and bugs! I recently read on the Camp Lejeune Facebook page that I need to be prepared for hurricane season as well. This may seem a bit overwhelming to an individual who was born and raised in California, whose biggest fear would be a sunburn. Yes, we deal with the constant threat of earthquakes, but there are no seasons involved. The message is simple, be prepared.

The seasons change, dreary winters lead us into the new life of spring. Summer brings the heat, while fall/autumn brings the change in colors and the falling leaves. It is a constant. A part of what God has given to us, his creation.

It’s easy to see seasons in terms of weather and forecast, but we can also see the change in seasons as times in our lives. We can be rejoicing great news such as a promotion, new duty assignment or graduation. We can also be saddened and depressed by these changing seasons, a missed promotion, new duty assignment or a death or break up. The list can be long.

However, there is only one constant, God. He’s the only one that does not change. The God I speak of is a God of mercy and compassion. A God who, although seasons change, good or bad, he is there to walk with us, to rejoice with us and when we are sad and depressed he is a God who comforts.

Seasons and life change. We cannot not stop this cycle. What we can do is look to the one who gives promise and life. The one who in spite of our failures, continues to give his unfailing love. This love is complete and steadfast, and is given by our God, who continues to be there for us through all seasons.