There are three great forces of our human existence - faith, hope and love. A life without faith has no meaning; a life without love isn’t worth living and a life without hope is a dark cave from which you cannot escape.

Faith is something that looks backward, Love is exercised in the present moment; we love in the “now.” However; Hope is unique; hope looks forward, anticipating the good that is coming.

We live in an untethered world, where people don’t have much hope in anything. Therefore, we need a hope that can anchor us because we rarely get treated like we long to be treated, we can’t seem to find the happiness we truly desire, and this world seems to stand in the way of us experiencing the life I believe we were created to live.

This kind of hope reaches into the future to take hold of something we do not yet have, and may not yet even see. This kind of hope seizes the future that is not yet; it is the confident expectation of goodness coming to us.

Ask yourself now, “How is my hope these days? Where is my hope these days?” It is my prayer that those who may have lost hope throughout life struggles know that there is still hope for your tomorrow.