The phone rings in the middle of the night. A stranger explains a loved one has been injured, eliciting an immediate desire to be at that person’s side. That is when Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune’s Fisher House steps in to help.

The Fisher House has been recognized for a third time with the Admiral Elmo Zumwalt Award for Excellence in Lodging Management for being a stable, safe haven for service members and their families in times of chaos and uncertainty, Nov. 13.

“To get to [the Fisher House] here and to have a home like this is spectacular for our families,” said Josie Cotton, general manager. “For us to have the opportunity to help them in those moments and provide for them … is really the greatest privilege for all of us here ... We appreciate the honor, but please know our honor is every day in taking care of our service members and families.”

More than a dozen community and military leaders gathered in the dining room of the Fisher House to join in the celebration of the accomplishment.

U.S. Navy Capt. Jeff Timby, commanding officer, Naval Medical Center Camp Lejeune, applauded the Fisher House staff for their dedication to easing the stress of families, and even medical professionals during a loved one’s treatment.

“The Fisher House offers not just a place to stay, but the comforts of home that really are beyond measure. It just takes all that weight off of those families, and off of those folks involved in the care,” said Timby. “One thing we always know is that great service is going to be provided, the comfort that will be provided, the food, the resources and the proximity to the hospital, all of these are very positive and very supportive.”

The award is given annually to Naval lodging facilities that, according to the award citation, “exceed the high level of excellence in management, facilities, finance and customer service in support of our superb team.”

The Fisher House shared the spotlight with Regina Jackson, a staff member who was awarded the Stellar Service Award for the second time.

Cotton explained Jackson’s continued dedication to each individual who walks through the front doors, her attention to detail and her passion for her job all played roles in her recognition.