Farmers Markets are scattered all over the Tar Heel State and offer communities a festive meeting place to gather, shop and enjoy the great outdoors. They also offer opportunities for adventure when making a farmers market a destination for a road trip with friends or the family.

Onslow County’s Salty Air Open Market hosted a Food Truck Round Up to bring local vendors to one place, Jan. 3.

“We have a year round market, but we are busier during the warmer months,” said Joy Vunk, the market manager. “We have the general store and allow small businesses and vendors to pop up. We have about 90 small businesses who rotate in and out. Each month we host the Food Truck Round Up to bring the community together.”

The market is open each Wednesday to Sunday with a variety of items, entertainment and food. It's conveniently located just over the bridge from Swansboro in the small town of Cedar Point. The market is set in a roomy little park-like space only steps from the water in any direction with a cool salty breeze blowing in from the Atlantic.

“This is a place for the public to come together,” said Vunk. “No matter what time of year it is, we wanted an inexpensive place, where we can gather for some community time.”

Each week, vendors bring a wide array of items ranging from fresh fruits and veggies to locally hand crafted goods. Handmade beach-themed items from artists are also available.

“We had never been here before, but it is a nice place to come hang out and meet other families,” said Virginia Butler, the wife of a retired Marine. “We are always happy to find unique local events where we can just hang out and relax.”

The open air market also features a coffee shop that serves beverages and a repurposed school bus restaurant.