We can build all types and styles of beautiful homes all over the world but where the homes are located may cause the structure to depreciate in value simply because of the neighborhood and the lack of upkeep of the homes located in the area. Foundations are very important, the decision of what kind of foundation is even more important when considering the appearance of the house and its structure.

There are many different types of foundations, like slab foundations, wood foundation, concrete foundations or container foundations. Regardless of what kind of foundation we build our home on there is an even greater question, what are we building our foundation on?

I am using the analogy of building a home as a way to speak to our relationship with God or our potential to have a relation- ship with God. God has created all types of people who live all over the world from different communities, cultures, and countries. Regardless of where we live or come from, if we allow God to be our God then he should be what we choose our foundation to be built on. We need to ask ourselves the question: do we choose God as our personal Savior, are we willing to study the word and live in the word, are we willing to pray, are we willing to worship God with our whole heart and are we willing to be committed to God no matter what?

When we choose to follow God and to become an example of God teaching, we choose to stop following the world, and then we begin to learn how to become leaders of God’s people through teachings and examples of Jesus Christ. The teaching of Christ is the strongest ministry in the world and the best material to build a lifelong foundation on. When we begin building a relationship with God, it means that we are communicating with God and we are receiving communication from God. When God speaks, the spirit of God is sharing with us while teaching through word and through examples.

The decision to walk away from the world and its teachings, ideals, and values is the only way to strengthen our relationship with God. There is no such thing as a partial relationship, God is an all or nothing God.

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