Students from Lejeune High School put on their finishing touches to their costumes as they await the curtain's rise during their school prduction of Clue On Stage, Dec. 14. Sophia Dibella makes some last minute adjustments before she takes to the stage as Mrs. White in the tale of whodoneit.

The Lejeune High School Theatre Guild puts on two productions each year, the most recent of which was the production of “Clue (On Stage),” Dec. 13-14.

The murder mystery presented many challenges for the cast and crew but they rose to the occasion with poise.

“The students had to settle in and they did exactly that,” said Jonathan Conner, theater director at Lejeune High School. “The first night they were a little eager during the first act due to nerves and rushed slightly, but they did exceptionally well and I could not be more proud of their hard work and dedication. This performance is deceptively hard, there are a lot of moving parts. Everyone worked really hard and did a wonderful job.”

For many of the students this was a new experience for them, as they had never acted on stage before.

“Our first night was amazing but there are always areas in which we can improve as individuals and as a team,” said Jacob Hollingsworth, a sophomore at LHS and first time performer. “I had never tried anything like this before, but my older brother made me promise I would try it. I did and got cast in a major role. It was very exciting and the cast and crew have been very supportive of one another.”

Clue is based on the 1980’s film adaptation of the popular board game. While the story is simple to follow, the set’s hidden pathways, moving parts and multiple levels made for an interesting night of whodunit mystery.

“We have had a couple of minor mishaps, but it did not stop us” said Arabella Hyde, a crew member and senior at LHS. “The set was really big and intricate. We started in mid-September and just finished the final touches last week. As crew members we have to move dummy bodies around the set in the dark and it was hard work. The crew did amazing and so did the cast.”