Outdoor Adventures Lejeune-New River hosted an Explore the Outdoors Camp, July 15-18. The 9-12 year old kids who participated spent four days of fun in the sun.

Located at Gottschalk Marina, Outdoor Adventures offers activities throughout the year. Starting Monday with water activities, children spent the day fishing and riding in Corcl round boats. Following that, campers had a chance to try their hands at archery and rock climbing.

According to Outdoor Adventures staff, staying flexible allows for an optimized experience.

“Group sizes vary by activity, but I’d say we average 10-16 kids at a time,” said Marybeth Lemaire, supervisor recreation specialist at Outdoor Adventures. “Groups are larger when families are there. The counselors plan the activities since they will be leading them. This makes it easier for them to adjust when the weather changes and they need to switch to a different task.”

Children went on a hike and bird watched. They also built bird houses. At the week’s end, campers transitioned to building shelters they could use themselves. They were taught to build lean-tos, with one group of children opting to attempt a teepee shelter instead.

Campers also learned how to build campfires and fire safety. Leaving no trace in nature was instilled through the week, with the importance of protecting the environment and animal habitats being reinforced.

“There are certain things that occur often, like Wilderness Wednesdays, parent/ child archery classes and water tours, especially during the summer months,” Lemaire said. “Other things are (happening) less often and people have to register online to make sure they get a spot, like first aid training.”

For more information visit http://www.mccslejeune-newriver.com/outdoor.