Military service members arrived at North Carolina State University’s campus in Raleigh to attend the Whole Vet Military Transition Day, Sept 13.

Whole Vet is a nonprofit organization which provides veterans, transitioning service members, National Guard, reservists, and their families with the tools, resources, and support to have a successful civilian career and life. Based in North Carolina, Whole Vet partners with members of the Military and Veteran Enablement Coalition and others to host quarterly Military Corporate Networking campus visits.

“This is a vision to create a platform that can serve our military and veteran community,” said Dale Robbins, founder and director of Whole Vet. “Everything from helping them make connections at our events to get jobs and internships, to providing mentorships which gives them someone who really cares about their future.”

Mentors Robbins has recruited are diverse and bring a variety of viewpoints to their role.

“Not all my mentors are veterans, though many are,” said Robbins. “We need to have perspectives from people in the community so we try to have mentors from all walks of life.”

The event uses connections with business partners to provide veterans a place to explore opportunities, network and full embrace this new path in life. Attendees are given insight to what an industry expects from perspective employees. It also offers guidance on where to go for other forms of assistance, like educational opportunities.

Whole Vet events are primarily held at campuses to allow participants to gain a better understanding on civilian career paths and education options. A Professional Development Panel made up of Veterans from participating companies and schools was on sight to answer questions. Attendees participated in workshops, from resume building and interview skills, to social networking.

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