Dec. 12 marked the one month anniversary of Brian Snoddy, vice principal at Lejeune Hight School. In fact, Snoddy had only been working for the Department of Defense Education Activities (DoDEA) for three months prior to arriving at LHS. That time may seem short, but Snoddy has a long history with the military.

Snoddy grew up in the Bay Area of California and always planned on being a teacher. When he was turned down for a teaching position, he joined the U.S. Army.

Ironically, three months later he received a call asking if he still wanted the teaching job he had applied for.

After 10 years of military service Snoddy went back to teaching. He has taught in school systems in Arizona and served as a vice principal, principal and assistant superintendent. Most recently, Snoddy worked as a social studies instructional systems specialist at Fort Bragg.

Snoddy credits a high school teacher with inspiring him to become an educator. His teacher pushed him to take honors classes and commit himself at school, which Snoddy says changed his life. The most fulfilling part of being an educator to him is being able to go into the classrooms, interact with students and watch students’ progress and success. Just as it was an educator in his life who made all the difference, he hopes to make a difference in many more lives.

“My door is always open. I have chocolate because I always say if you are having a bad day, a teacher is having a bad day. Just sit down, have some chocolate and talk about it,” Snoddy said.

In a year marked with changes, Snoddy’s hope is to get to know the students and staff at Lejeune High School.