White Oak High School seniors show off their haunted house

White Oak High School seniors, (left to right) Kaitlynn Herbert , Gabriel Holland, Michael Kaufhold and Joshua Bender (front) show off their Haunted House senior project in Jacksonville, Oct 28. The seniors, along with fellow senior Tres Perry, coordinated the seasonal scare as part of the annual senior graduation project 

 Senior graduation projects can be a pretty scary assignment for many high school seniors annually. However, several members of the class of 2020 at White Oak High School are ready and excited.

 Five White Oak High School seniors, Kaitlynn Herbert, Gabriel Holland, Michael Kaufhold, Joshua Bender and Tres Perry, built a haunted house for their senior project. Admission was solely donations; the seniors put their best talents together to create a truly unique project. With proceeds going to Breast Cancer awareness and treat bags for kids, the students coordinated a night of thrills and spine-tingling chills. 

 Designed to scare each guest this Halloween season, the haunted house features fan favorites including graveyards, a killer clown and other creatures lurking around every corner.

 "We wanted to do something really unique and this is our favorite time of year" said Holland. "We are doing a Trunk or Treat on Wednesday for the kids.  It’s been a lot of hard work, but it has really paid off."

 “It is for a great cause,” said Herbert. “Mrs. Noyes, our teacher, let us plan out everything our self and we really got to control the outcome.”

 Completely run by teenagers, with some family members joining in to assist with the costumed scares, fun was had by all who attended. 

 "It took us about two weeks to set up everything,” said Bender. “We spent longer planning everything out, but we are really happy with the finished project.”

 “My family had so much fun helping, we plan to continue next year and make it even bigger,” said Kaufhold. “It is always great to do something we love for a cause we can stand behind.”

 Several willing victims were lined up to experience the teens’ haunted house.  The students were looking forward to giving service members, their families and Jacksonville locals a chance to support their cause and get into the Halloween spirit.

 “I was really impressed with the amount of work these kids put into this project,” said William Strand, a U.S. Army veteran.

 “I have been to a lot of haunted houses this year and these kids gave some of these adults a run for their money,” said Mike Jenkins, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran.  “They got me a few times, especially at the end when they had a little kid hidden in there. It was great.”