A little over a year after sustaining heavy storm damage, rebuilding efforts on Onslow Beach are in full swing. Demolition of Osprey cottages continued Nov. 18. Plans to relocate rank specific housing are also underway with fully livable housing expected in late 2020.

“We are putting 14 new Ospreys up in phases,” said Tia Hardesty, assistant general manager for Onslow Beach. “The first four should be up in June. All the rest should be done by the end of August.”

The Osprey cottages required demolition following damage from Hurricane Florence in 2018, particularly heavy flooding and mold damage.

“They were completely destroyed by Florence,” Hardesty said. “The water damage made it so they were unsafe to walk in.”

Enlisted housing is set to move across the street by Nov. 24. Officer housing will be moved to the north side of the beach and the Sergeant Major House will be relocated near the Sand Dollar Pavilion. New cabanas and beach apartments are expected to break ground in 2020.

For now, the recreational vehicle park on the beach is up and running. The first pavilion conference rooms are also set to reopen Dec. 1. Though a project is in place to rebuild dunes, no hard timeline is in place.