Reflect on greater things, see beauty

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Did anyone notice the moon last week? It was exceptionally bright. Astrologists called it a supermoon. A supermoon happens when a full moon overlaps with the moon's closest approach to Earth during its orbit, and it makes the moon look brighter and larger than normal. It was so bright that I dropped my visor so it would not impair my vision.

The brightness of the moon also allowed me to see the surface of the moon very clearly and gave me an uncommon opportunity to study the surface of it without magnification. When I looked past the brightness, I started noticing all the imperfections. The craters were visible and the irregular surfaces became more obvious. However, as I studied it I caught myself being amazed at its brightness, knowing that it merely reflects a greater body just over the horizon.

Paul, in his writings to a local church, reminded the community that they are imperfect. He compared them to jars of clay. He said God uses fragile and flawed people to hold a great treasure. This is built on the illustration that Moses’ face or countenance was noticeably changed after he had been with God. He was reflecting a brightness or glory, so much so that people were uncomfortable looking at him. Paul concluded the section to encourage this community of faith that as they gazed at God they too would reflect a greater image, even in their flawed body.

Our next supermoon will happen in June and I recommend you put it on your calendar. I also hope you will read Paul’s writing in his second letter to the Corinthians chapters three and four, and take time to gaze at and reflect the glory of God.

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