Town Hall

Staff at Naval Medical Center Camp Lejeune host a Retiree Health Care Town Hall to inform veterans about upcoming changes to their prescription drug coverage, Dec. 3.

Naval Medical Center Camp Lejeune held a town hall meeting for retirees to discuss upcoming changes to TRICARE’s prescription drug coverage, Dec. 3.

TRICARE serves 9.5 million beneficiaries which includes active duty, retirees, reserve and family members.

“TRICARE is constantly evolving in order to better serve its members,” said Riley Eversull, public affairs officer with NMCCL. “More changes will be going into effect January 1, 2020. With many people utilizing NMCCL doctors and pharmacy, it is important to know how these changes affect individuals.”

Representatives from Humana Military and the NMCCL pharmacy were present to discuss the changes as well as answer questions from the audience. Pharmacy copayments for TRICARE beneficiaries will be increasing, as it does every two years. This change will not affect active duty service members or dependent survivors of active duty service members, or medically retired service members and their dependents. Tricare pharmacy home delivery co-payments will also be increasing.

Other changes include what prescriptions will be covered and which will not. Generic and brand-name formulary drugs are still free at military pharmacies. TRICARE has medications listed by tiers. Certain prescriptions, like those that are listed in tier 3 non formulary, will no longer be able to be filled at the pharmacy from outside providers. Those prescriptions must come from a NMCCL provider and have all additional criteria met.

“Our advantage here is that the hospital makes the briefs available to us retirees,” said retired Marine Corps Colonel Paul O’Toole. “Whenever there are big changes, they hold these meetings for us so we can ask questions. They give us the information we need. We need to get the word out so other people can get the information, that way no one is blindsided by rising costs on medications they need.”

A list of maintenance medications can be found on or beneficiaries can find their prescriptions in the TRICARE system by searching “Tricare Formulary Tool” in a web browser.