The phrase “shelter in place” has become familiar to all of us. Obeying appropriate guidelines for this is a good thing. It gives us protection, but it also causes changes in our thinking, planning and behavior. Some have complained how it has radically complicated and changed their lives. Now that we’ve had some practice and gained just a little bit of perspective, some people talk about how much their life has become simplified and de-stressed due to “sheltering in place”.

Shelter is a basic need of humanity, but to appreciate this small interruption in our regularly scheduled chaos maybe we need the wisdom of a generation that has already lived through likened hiccups. I give you two people, a 93 year old Marine that was in WWII and the Korean conflict, and an 85 year old lady that worked for the government for 50 years before retiring at 80 years of age.

I met Abe on Easter Sunday. He was quick-of-step, humorous and had great stories he shared with us with the candor and charm of a motivational speaker. As he carried us from story to story with vivid historical details reflecting he had lived through during that stage of history, his eyes sparkled and he gained energy in conversation. As current restrictions were mentioned he simply gave absolutely no credibility to them. He was too busy enjoying life in the moment to see being sheltered in place as worth even a negative footnote. I admire that kind of wisdom.

The 85 year old lady is my mother. God spoke to her from heaven through music during our first week of being sheltered in place. She was at home doing her enjoyables like sitting in the outdoor swing, listening to birds sing, enjoying sunshine and open country living.

A song came to her mind and would not leave her, “Sheltered In the Arms of God” by Dottie Rambo. As is her way, she sang that song all day long. She told me, “I understood that God was telling me ‘When we are sheltered in place we are being Sheltered in the Arms of God.’” Thank you Jesus for a Mother that will hear your voice.

Psalms 26: 5 states, “For in the time of trouble He will hide me in His pavilion; in the shelter of His tabernacle He will hide me. He will set me up on a rock.”

Real wisdom sees obeying “shelter in place” as one of God’s ways to provide His protection for us.