The Summer Reading Program (SRP) on Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune and Marine Corps Air Station River is in full swing and, in addition to tracking time spent alone with a good book, libraries on the installations are hosting events to give kids and parents a deeper appreciation for reading. At Tarawa Terrace Community Center on Friday, June 28, that came in the form of an educational performance piece dealing with chemistry, physics and “The Three Little Pigs.”

Casey Nees, The Insane Science Guy, presented “The Insane Science of Fairyland” for kids involved with the SRP. Nees, a former librarian, elementary school teacher and college professor aimed to make science fun for kids who might otherwise be put off about learning its principles in an academic setting.

“My goal is to instill the love of science in these kids and help them see it as a creative art,” Nees said. “When you get the tools from your teachers it is how you use them that is where that creativity comes from.”

Nees demonstrated principles involving sound, chemical reactions, electricity and pneumatics to kids in the form of a fairy tale about an ice dragon in Onslow County. He believes that science, like books, tells a story. One about life itself.

“Go out and do science and love science,” Nees urged the audience. “It’s how you can get to the rest of the story.”