The inaugural Friend’s Night Out Holiday Tree event brought some holiday spirit to Tarawa Terrace Community Center, Nov. 15. Even better, it let attendees take that holiday cheer home with them.

“We wanted to give people an opportunity to get out of the house and do something inexpensive, but fun,” said Shelly Johnson, the TTCC activities coordinator with Marine Corps Community Services. “They get to come and make a holiday decoration for their home. It can be big or small and can be as complicated as they want it to be. It is great because anyone can do it as it works for any skill level.”

The event encourages families and friends to get out and bond, and strives to spread holiday cheer. Adults of all ages were encouraged to join in the fun. Every participant picked out their colors and their sizes and got to work. Snacks and drinks were provided.

“I love doing things like this,” said Kay Stead, an attendee. “I try to go to as many of these events as possible. This time of year, as the weather turns cold and generally gross outside, I occasionally have to push myself to leave the house. It definitely helps keep spirits up when you get to go out and chat and make something pretty cool.”

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