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Not all first responders handling the COVID 19 pandemic work in hospitals or as police or firefighters. There are others conducting heroic deeds under the radar as well. I enjoy saying “thank you” now more than ever to these people who are placing their health in danger every day to provide equipment to Department of Defense service members at military installations.

Workers at the Consolidated Storage Program (CSP) include personnel that work on the front issue and return lines, disposal areas, shipping and receiving, laundry and repair areas, quality control, administration and all areas that require handling of equipment that are being issued and returned from service members. These essential personnel were essential in providing neck gaiters to commands inside and outside the Continental United States during the initial stages of the pandemic. Since the beginning of March 2020 when COVID19 became a national emergency to the end of April, the CSP on the East Coast has serviced over 24,177 personnel.

While they don’t wear capes, and might not take down criminals or put out fires, these essential workers are providing PPE face masks, gloves and other protective equipment. They are spending their days taking care of service members, ensuring they are processed to be discharged or providing equipment to new arrivals joining their unit for training and providing security and protection for this great nation.

Thank you all for everything you do and have done. Your hard work and selflessness are the saving grace for us in our time of need. You all are our superheroes, and you are all deserving of a big thank you for putting your health on the line every day to keep our service members protected so that they, in turn, can protect our great nation.