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With a kibosh on large gatherings local service organizations are getting creative with the ways they support the community. For Whole Vet, a group focused on aiding veterans, transitioning service members and spouses, is holding Virtual Transition Days June 18 and 19 for those seeking their next step.

“I want to bring as many resources to bear to serve as many active duty, vets and spouses as we can,” said Dale Robbins, president of Whole Vet. “I don’t envision anyone will join a conference call for a day and a half, so we are breaking that into rooms and sections.”

Subjects will include setting up the GI Bill for education, insight from veterans and a chance to engage with local, state and federal employers.

The event will begin at 12:30 p.m., June 18. For a full agenda of events, and to register, vist and look for the banner titled “Virtual Military Transition Event.”