As residents prepare for Hurricane Dorian Atlantic Marine Corps Communities (AMCC) wants to provide you with a quick check list of what to do to prepare for the storm.

  1. All air conditioning units must remain on AUTO during the storm. DO NOT shut off the air conditioning system, even if you are evacuating.
  2. Survey your surroundings and property and please pick up or secure all items in your yard. Trampolines should be flipped & secured.
  3. Ensure all windows, screens & doors are secured properly.
  4. Please secure and dead bolt all doors from wind damage including your garage door.
  5. Please secure trash cans or place in the garage if you have one.

AMCC will be closing most offices Wednesday, Sept. 4, at 2:00 PM and will be moving to storm after hours maintenance protocol. What this means is AMCC Maintenance will only be responding to Urgent and Emergency service orders received through 877-509-2424. Weather and safety will be factors regarding maintenance response times to after hours calls.

To continue to serve our residents, Bicentennial Community Center, located at 6498 Bicentennial Ave, will remain open until 5:00 PM today.

All AMCC locations will remain closed until Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune reaches Destructive Weather Condition 5. At that time, AMCC plans to open all neighborhood community offices for residents to visit. For information on what level the base is at, check out their Facebook page.

If you need to reach AMCC for any reason the Maintenance line 877-509-2424 is the best way to get AMCC assistance during the storm. If you have a life threatening emergency please dial 911.

If you lose power and want to report the outage, please contact your local power company. For TT 1 & 2, Knox Landing and Knox Cove the number for Duke Energy is (800) 769-3766. All others contact Base Utilities at (910) 451-3001.