Even for those off base in the Havelock area, there’s a good chance that some of the 56 personnel with the Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point Fire and Emergency Services will be there to help.

MCAS Cherry Point and the City of Havelock have a mutual aid agreement to assist each other in the event it is needed.

“We have a wonderful working relationship with Havelock,” said Jimmy Sanders, the assistant chief of operations for the MCAS Cherry Point Fire and Emergency Services. “Anytime they need us or we need them we respond without hesitation.”

The partnership with the fire departments isn’t one sided either. The Havelock Fire Department (HFD) occasionally responds to emergencies on the air station when the need arises.

“Anything they need, we do the best to help out,” said John Lewis, the fire marshal for the City of Havelock. “Anytime there’s something on base we can help with and they call us we automatically come and give them a hand with whatever they need.”

Even before Havelock had a fire department, MCAS Cherry Point assisted the community with putting out fires and transporting wounded individuals to the hospital.

As part of National Fire Prevention Week, MCAS Cherry Point Fire and Emergency Services and the HFD are visiting local schools to teach students fire prevention techniques. In addition, the staff at the MCAS Cherry Point Fire and Emergency Services would like to remind everyone to review their fire safety plans and to reach out to them for help if they need it.