Globe sports

The Lejeune High School boys' soccer team lost to Southside High School 4-1, Sept. 19. Though the Devil Pups started out playing ambitiously, an early goal from Southside set a tone.

Southside scored two more goals before Lejeune pulled together in the last quarter of the game with a Tyler Johnson goal.

“It was a good game,” said LHS striker Raymond Feliciano. “We could have played better.”

His thoughts were echoed by center back Karl Benson.

“We need to work at it during practice, but everyone is coming together as a team,” Benson said.

Because of its transient nature, Lejeune High School’s sports teams struggle at the beginning of every year to forge those team connections in just a few short weeks where other schools have had years to develop. Despite those added obstacles, the LHS team is not giving up.

“My hope is that we continue to improve," said Charles Teegarden, LHS head coach. "With a new team that is all you can hope for."