Across all Marine Corps installations from the east coast to the west coast and abroad, the Eagle Eyes program acts as the first line of defense. Using the Marine Corps’ own service members for security, regardless of occupation, makes the program a revolutionary change in the defense game.

Protection programs are critical in the prevention of attacks and protection of the force. Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) provides law enforcement with observed behavior that may be indicative of a terrorist or criminal threat.

“With the recent events, it is even more important to be aware and alert,” said Jeff Strohman, antiterrorism training program manager.

SAR systems enable members of the community to act as the eyes and ears for law enforcement. It is critical for units and commanders to enforce the requirement to execute SAR and use programs such as Eagle Eyes (EE), the Marine Corps Suspicious Activity Information Portal (MCSAIP) and eGuardian.

According to MARADMIN 613/18, Eagle Eyes is the official Marine Corps community awareness SAR program. The program allows anyone to report suspicious activity through the Eagle Eyes website, https://www.usmceagleeyes.org, or the locally designated phone number (910) 451-3333. Individuals can provide detailed information and possible imagery from mobile devices, security cameras or other imagery capture devices. All reports submitted through the Eagle Eyes website are automatically uploaded into the Marine Corps suspicious activity information portal and analyzed by designated and specially-trained personnel.

There are eight indicators of terrorist detection. Surveillance, elicitation, tests of security, acquiring supplies, suspicious people who do not belong, dry runs, deploying assets/getting into position and financing. These are all signs to look for in terrorist detection.

“Everyone is a potential reporter, from lieutenants to generals. From privates to sergeants major,” Strohman said. “That includes contractors, spouses and anyone else who has access to the base. With the combined efforts of everyone involved, MCB Camp Lejeune can lead the way in operational security.”